Muay Thai Children

Muay Thai, the national sport of Thailand, is one of the hardest martial arts worldwide. Many fighters hope that Thaiboxing is a way out of poverty. For this reason parents send their children to professional training at a very early age. The pressure on these children to win is high, because their parents bet a lot of money. They are pushing themselves to their physical and mental limits. Only few of them become a rich and popular boxing idol.

Bank, 7 years, wants to become a famous boxer. His father in the background is his trainer.
The fighting hall. 15 boys, starting at the age of 6, and one girl are getting boxing lessons.
The coach binds a boy the boxing gloves.
The bedroom of boxing coach Biau and his two sons Bank, 7 years and Benz, 8 years.
Boys are waiting for the upcoming boxing match.
The coach prepares a young boxer for the next fight.
Bank hits Tountong in the face.
Family members are watching the boxing match.
Bank has lost the boxing match against Tountong and is lying unconscious on the ground.
Tountong with a trophy after he has won the boxing match against Bank.
The coach shouts at a boy during the break of the fight.
After the boxing match the winner goes around and collects money from tourists. But he is not allowed to keep the money, most of it takes the coach.
Fanta, 6 years, after she has won a boxing match.
A boy is making exercise. In the front the trainer is drinking whiskey with his friends and the father of the boy.
A boy is praying before the fight.